Tech against Corona (COVID-19) – Dutch Enterprise Blockchain Company TYMLEZ Helps Dutch Government

The “Tech against Corona” Initiative of Dutch tech companies including TYMLEZ offers free support in the fight against the coronavirus (COVID-19). To this end, an online meeting took place on Wednesday 25 March between various tech companies and civil servants, including MPs. The purpose of this meeting was to discuss how these companies can contribute to the fight against the coronavirus through their services and products.

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In an interview with Blockchain News, Associate Professor at the University of Amsterdam and TYMLEZ CTO Jaap Gordijn stated:

“Blockchain can be the enabling platform to prevent value extraction due to its transparency. With medical supplies, value extraction is occurring and price gouging has ensued. Blockchain can prevent a power concentration since information is equally accessible for everyone in that medical supply chain.”

“Our proposition is now being discussed with the ministries and we have proposed an ecosystem modelling of the current situation concerning the distribution of medical supplies (supply chain logistics). Based on that assessment we can do a risk/fraud/economical value analysis. Then we will take on the ecosystem requirements for blockchain – we need to understand the baseline first. Furthermore, based on the ecosystem modelling we will elicit and engineer the blockchain requirements.”

The starting point is with government, aid workers, care providers and hospitals – who can make free use of the knowledge, skills and algorithms of these companies that have reached out to help.

In other media reports, Jan Middendorp (Member of Parliament, VVD) said:

“We stay at home to keep each other safe. Technology can help to keep us safe. It is, therefore, more important than ever in these exceptional times for governments and tech companies to work together.”

The “Tech against Corona” Initiative already involves more than 10 companies and is an initiative of Public Matters, a public affairs and lobby…

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