Tea Party Mastermind Wants to Give You Coronavirus to Save the Economy

  • Rick Santelli proposed infecting the entire global population with the coronavirus in a strange CNBC rant.
  • He wants to get the global economy back to normal sooner, but it would likely have a catastrophic impact.
  • Santelli’s rant was characteristic of his confused, irrational, and selfish libertarian politics.

Rick Santelli is sick and tired of the coronavirus. In fact, he hates the coronavirus so much that he’s willing to infect everyone on the planet with it – including you. That way, we can bring the spread of Covid-19 to an early end, and the global economy can return to normal.

I’m not kidding; this is exactly what Santelli wants (via Twitter):

Tea Party Godfather Has an Insane Plan to Fight Coronavirus

In a bizarre rant on CNBC yesterday, he railed against the precautionary measures nations and businesses are taking to protect people from coronavirus. He says authorities should force everyone to contract Covid-19.

Following some short-term pain, the economy can return to normal in a month or so. Minus the estimated 261.8 million people who would die from the deadly disease, of course.

Being a key figure behind the Tea Party movement, I guess this is what Santelli’s means by “free market” economics: The U.S. government kills off a bunch of old, sick, and/or poor people so that the stock market recovers and corporations continue making billions.

Rick Santelli Tells It Like It Isn’t

Unsurprisingly, Rick Santelli’s moronic diatribe attracted a considerable amount of flack on Twitter. And with good cause, because it was utterly insane.

Source: Twitter

Santelli’s primary argument is that we’d never quarantine “everybody” because of the common flu. So why should we do it for the coronavirus?

Obviously, the editors at CNBC (they have editors, right?) forgot to remind Santelli that flu has a death rate of only 0.1%. Meanwhile, the World Health Organization confirmed that the coronavirus has a probable death rate of 3.4%.

So Santelli’s…

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