Tashir Charitable Foundation gears AMD 100,000,000 towards fight against coronavirus

Tashir Charitable Foundation has transferred AMD 50,000,000 to the Nork Infection Clinical Hospital where citizens of Armenia infected with coronavirus are under treatment.

Most of the funds will be used to incentivize the medical staff, and the rest will be used to rearm the hospital with state-of-the-art equipment.

Another AMD 50,000,000 will be transferred to the special account that the Government of Armenia has opened for the fight against the coronavirus.

Tashir Charitable Foundation has supported the fight against the coronavirus in the past as well. On March 16, the Foundation, in cooperation with the Electric Networks of Armenia, provided five 24-hour daycare centers for elderly in Armenia and Etchmiadzin Municipality with a certain number of face masks, gloves, alcogels and sanitizers. The Foundation is also planning on providing assistance to the Ministry of Defense of Armenia.

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