Take Note of the Republic of Title III: Compliant Crowdfunding Beyond Crypto

Republic is an investment platform that enables anyone to invest in startups: accredited or otherwise. The company has today announced the expansion of its Note reward token program. Five companies have already raised equity to the tune of $1 million each.

The SEC-registered, FINRA-licensed Republic platform is a member of the startup platform ecosystem that includes AngelList and Product Hunt. Republic launched its equity investment platform in 2016. It has also introduced Radar, a Republic syndicate on AngelList that connects founders with traditional venture firms. 

About a year ago, it created Republic Crypto, the first “full stack Fundraising solution in the crypto space.” It now also boasts an investment advisory service, Republic Labs.

With a mission to democratize startup fundraising and investing, the platform allows non-accredited, mom-and-pop investors the opportunity to become angel investors and venture capitalists for as little as $10. Republic allows the average American to get in on the startup scene, investing alongside seasoned investors like Tim Draper.

Barack Obama’s JOBS Act Makes Crowdfunded Private Equity Possible

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission enacted Title III of the JOBS Act in May of 2016, opening the door for average-income Americans to invest in startups, provided they had the means to absorb the possible losses. The JOBS Act, signed into law by America’s last bona fide president, Barack Obama, in 2012 was intended to stimulate the economy by helping small businesses get access to capital they’d previously not enjoyed access to.

Equity crowdfunding was born. Title III opened the doors not only to everyday Americans who saw a company they believed in and wanted to be part of its success but also helped usher in a new wave of entrepreneurs. Female, black, and Latinx founders were grossly underrepresented in Silicon Valley, where most of the VC activity took place. Venture capital was white male terrain.


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