T-Systems and Validation Capital Partner With Flow Blockchain

PRESS RELEASE. January 13, 2021 – T-Systems MMS, a subsidiary of the largest telecommunications provider in Europe, Deutsche Telekom, announces today a partnership with Flow blockchain developed by Dapper Labs, the company behind CryptoKitties and NBA Top Shot. T-Systems’ flagship deployment on Flow will be the operation of an Execution Node. Validation Capital was involved in this partnership as strategic advisor.

As part of the partnership, T-Systems MMS will run an Execution Node, significantly contributing to the Flow blockchain’s computational resources as a result. This is because Execution Nodes are responsible for both the processing of new blocks and their consequent storage. These tasks are by far the most computation-intensive, and as such can only be performed with reliable and trusted infrastructure, which T-Systems provides.

Flow is a user-centric blockchain built for mainstream adoption, with an aim of bringing blockchain-enabled consumer applications to billions of people. Flow is the only layer one blockchain built by a team that both understands the importance of reducing complexity for ecosystem developers and possesses proven expertise in eliminating on-boarding friction for mainstream users. Trusted by leading companies like Ubisoft and Warner Music Group, Flow is set to introduce blockchain technology to global audiences through partnerships with mainstream brands such as Dr. Seuss, the UFC, and the NBA.

The details of the partnership include:

  • T-Systems MMS will provide reliable and secure infrastructure necessary for Flow to scale and respond to any current and future needs of both Flow’s developers and users.
  • T-Systems MMS will operate one of the Flow network’s Execution Nodes, responsible for the execution and consequent storage of newly-created blocks, thereby ensuring the decentralized network’s ongoing operation.

“At Dapper Labs, we believe that a seamless and efficient user experience is…

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