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Since deploying natively on Harmony’s blockchain in May, Sushi is now deepening its collaboration with Harmony after revealing plans to bring its full decentralized finance (defi) product stack onto the blockchain with accompanying incentives designed to drive greater participation. Meanwhile, decentralized exchange (dex) competition continues to swell.

Partnership Expansion Accompanies $4 Million in Incentive Campaigns

On Thursday, Harmony, a proof-of-stake (PoS) blockchain network focused on cross-chain transactability, unveiled a decision to broaden the partnership agreement with Sushi, a community-driven defi platform offering a full stack of decentralized finance services.

After deploying Sushiswap on Harmony back in May, the freshly strengthened collaboration paves the way for Sushi to deploy the remainder of its product suite onto the effective proof-of-stake (EPoS) blockchain.

Sushiswap is the second runner-up in the space with an 11% share of dex trade volume, according to today’s Dune Analytics seven-day stats. The leading dex is Uniswap with 61% of the seven-day volume. Based on the most recent data, while Sushiswap’s seven-day volume is $2,079,972,559, Uniswap is well ahead with $10,793,064,634.

Additionally, up and coming players like Curve and 0x Native are racing to close the gap, with Curve at $1,427,401,281 seven-day volume and Ox showing $1,091,283,123 in seven-day trade volume.

Corresponding with the second anniversary of Harmony’s mainnet launch, the expanded partnership aims to strengthen the protocol’s cross-chain defi capabilities, while leveraging Harmony’s 2-second transaction speeds and low transaction costs.

The Sushi full-stack deployment will be accompanied by two incentive campaigns. This includes a $2 million liquidity mining campaign to encourage yield farming with $1 million of ONE and $1 million 1Sushi token rewards.

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