Surge in Volume Off Lows Suggest XRP Will Finally Pump

XRP continues to disappoint its investors and community, by being unable to sustain anything resembling a rally over the course of the last year. Prior to that, each short-lived rally was sold down by Ripple themselves, further crushing any hope for positive momentum.

But now, a massive surge in volume after XRP exploded out of recent lows, suggests that the third-ranked crypto by market cap will finally pump and recoup the gains it lost during the bear market.

Spiking Trading Volume Indicates That XRP May Be Ready to Pump

Earlier in the year, XRP was among the altcoins that broke out from two-year downtrend lines, only to be strongly rejected back below them by the coronavirus-fueled Black Thursday selloff last month.

The powerful collapse sent XRP from nearly 30 cents per token to as low as 10 cents, setting a new bear market low for the third-ranked cryptocurrency by market cap.

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Enormous sell volume supported the move down as stop losses were hit, and investors panic-sold fearing the worst. However, a retest of that lows recently put in on the XRPBTC trading pair, also saw an explosion in buying volume, which could indicate that the bottom is in, and XRP could soon surge, according to one crypto analyst.

Will a Ripple Effect Kick Start a New Altcoins Season?

The analyst also concludes that this could be a signal that altcoins are showing strength, and Ethereum could follow XRP and outperform BTC in what crypto traders refer to as an altcoin season.

Major buy signals have triggered on the XRPBTC trading pair across multiple timeframes, further supporting the theory that XRP will soon experience a massive pump and cause alts to…

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