Super Ethereum ICO (STH Token) Review: Decentralized Trading Exchange?

What Is Super Ethereum?

Super Ethereum is a digital decentralized trading platform that prioritizes in investors. It connects people to low cost financial services that can raise their income and develop their potentials. It offers solutions to the problems in the cryptocurrency market by ensuring complete privacy of the platform, multiple currency wallets, and a decentralized account balance.

The main goal of Super Ethereum platform is to provide low trading fees and a high advantage in future trading in the blockchain-driven world. The Super Ethereum exchange aims at providing a future market for cryptocurrencies such as the Ethereum, BitcoinCash, and Litecoin against the US dollar. With a single click on the intuitive ladder-trading interface, traders can submit, buy, or sell orders instantly.

The platform trades using the STH token, which is built on the Ethereum blockchain and has a tick value of one. A tick value is the minimum value with which future contracts can move up or down. This means that all trading profits and losses of the STH token are denominated using the token.

How Super Ethereum Decentralized Trading Exchange Works

The token allows users of the platform to trade in a commission free and trustless market, which increases the demand for the tokens. It also increases the growth of startup companies by providing them with tools and services that will help them in saving of time and money.

The blockchain driven technology that the platform employs allows the traders to determine the rates of new token issuance. Once launched, 75% of the tokens will be sold during the token sale. Traders will be able to acquire the tokens using the multiple currencies allowed on the platform at a price of $0.003 per STH token. Owner of tokens will receive weekly profit of 75% of the total accumulated profits on the platform.

The platform restructures future trading by eliminating transaction fees and generating income through the sale of the STH token. This is possible as the high demand of tokens enables it to be able to generate and sell a new number of token, which covers the costs of creating of new tokens.

Super Ethereum Advantages

  • Immediate trading: Traders can start trading immediately without having to undergo time wasting procedures such as submitting their names or identifying documents.
  • Security: The platform is blockchain based thus security is guaranteed on the platform during funds transfers or receiving interest on the traders account balance.
  • Easy to use: The platform has features that make it easy to use such as multiple currency wallets, decentralized exchanges, unlimited trade, and unlimited number of withdrawals using any cryptocurrency.
  • Smart contract: A trader’s account balance is held by a decentralized smart contract, which ensures that Super ethereum can’t mismanage or lose funds because they don’t have physical access to the funds. The smart contract also prevents the traders losing money through hacker attacks.
  • Low transaction fees: Through the user of STH token, transactions fees are eliminated thus generally lowering the total transaction fees.
  • High leverage: It offers is trader an advantage of up to 100% which enable them to get high percentage gains from small price movements
  • Large tick sizes: Through the large tick sizes short term scalping is made viable and noise is eliminated from the platform. It also creates liquid markets with very low trading fees.

Super Ethereum STH Token ICO Details

The ICO for the STH token is live now where 75% of STH tokens will be sold. Buyers can exchange ETH, BTC, LTC and BCH for STH tokens at an equivalent price of USD $0.003 per STH token to $0.006— a hard cap of a maximum of $20M that can be raised.

Allocation of funds

  • Distributed to Community: 75%
  • Reserved Funding: 13%
  • Founders and Team: 9%
  • Advisors: 2%
  • “Bounty” campaign: 1%