Streamr announces partnership with major crypto exchange Binance

Streamr announces partnership with major crypto exchange Binance

Software company Streamr proudly announced its partnership with major crypto exchange Binance on its blog.

Following their integration, Binance’s real-time trades and quotes data will be made available as a free product on the Streamr permissionless Marketplace.

This makes Binance the first exchange with market data being distributed over a decentralize network which brings two major advantages for algorithmic traders.

First, traders can now conveniently integrate Binance’s data with other data streams such as sentiment data and data from other markets through a single technical integration. With this, traders can gain better insights and find more profitable trading strategies. Also, Streamr tends to deliver data faster than centralized aggregators.

Second, traders can expect better security which guarantees reliable data. The data from centralized aggregators is cryptographically signed as close to the source as possible making it tamperproof. Decentralized systems are also less vulnerable to DDoS attacks. They are also censorship-resistant.

“By connecting Binance’s market data to the Streamr Network, we want to encourage and enable algorithmic traders to build better automated trading strategies and combine them with other data resources on Streamr,” said Henri Pihkala, Co-founder of Streamr. “In this way, we hope to give traders an edge in convenience, speed and security. And generate more volume for Binance on all traded assets.”

Meanwhile, Binance has also partnered with Brave Software, the makers of the innovative Brave browser. Their partnership will enable Brave users to enjoy seamless and convenient crypto trading through Binance.

“Cryptocurrency trading can be a daunting task for users not familiar with such assets, so integrating Binance into the Brave browser makes the process seamless and simple,” said Brendan Eich, CEO and co-founder of Brave. “By bringing a leading exchange like Binance directly into the browser, Brave is taking cryptocurrency trading mainstream and enabling users to conduct a transaction with ease.”

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