Stratis to Join CMS equIP Legal Accelerator Program

Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) company Stratis has been accepted into the prestigious CMS equIP legal accelerator programme. Stratis recently released its InterFlux sidechain, and offers companies a native C# ecosystem that allows legacy systems to use leading blockchain technologies.

As a part of the CMS equIP legal accelerator programme, Stratis will have access to a comprehensive network of law offices in more than 70 countries, as well as connections within CMS’s network of professionals.

Chris Trew, the Founder of Stratis and CEO, commented,

“Being selected to become a member of CMS’s exclusive equIP programme is a tremendous achievement for Stratis and a testament to the fantastic technology we have built and delivered…As the first blockchain-based project to be admitted to the programme, I look forward to exploring opportunities and collaborating with other innovative equIP members.”

CMS is a global legal services company that comprises a network of law offices that offer legal services, as well as advanced tax-advice. It is expected that Stratis will be able to take full advantage of this program, and continue to develop robust blockchain tools for business.

Stratis Has Innovative Solutions for Legacy Systems

While many blockchain platforms are focused on very new ways of creating value, Stratis is working to make blockchain-based system work for large, existing companies which may have a hard time shifting their IT infrastructure in a holistic way.

Instead, Stratis has created ways to tap into blockchain technology, and use it to optimize existing systems. Everyday developers will be comfortable using Stratis, as it works with many tools from Microsoft, including Microsoft Focus.

Charles Kerrigan, CMS Partner, told media,

“We are pleased to welcome Stratis to the CMS equIP fold…CMS equIP has and continues to set a remarkable track record in supporting new businesses and start-ups that are being built by some of the brightest minds in the country….

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