Stratis Launches $10 Million Development Initiative

Stratis, the veteran Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) company, is inviting the dApp builders community to submit their projects to the Stratis Decentralized Accelerator (SDA) that currently holds $10 million.

This $10 million will be used to support dApp builders, and bring the vision of talented devs into reality. There are lots of existing assets in the Stratis development space, and this funding will help to create even more incentives for developers.

InterFlux is an interoperability framework that makes Stratis fully compatible with assets on both Ethereum and Hyperledger Fabric. As some of the most popular architectures in the blockchain space, this level of compatibility helps dApp development on Stratis.

In addition, InterFlux permits developers to create contracts with the .NET Core framework, developed by Microsoft. With so much interoperability, it isn’t difficult to see how Stratis is growing in a competitive marketplace.

Stratis Supports Devs

The doors are wide open for development on Stratis. For devs that want to use the platform, and gain the support of the SDA, they can submit a proposal that will be looked at by the InterFlux Decentralized Governance Board (IDGB), a decentralized governance organization.

Validating Masternodes who keep the InterFlux sidechain environment working, along with block producers comprise the IDGB. The group is totally permissionless and is open to any entity that commits the proper resources to the group.

The IDGB has $10 mil USD at its disposal to support projects, and there is no cap on how much could be delegated to a single project. The SDA is a community-governed pool whose sole purpose is to improve the community by helping talented people make their ideas a reality.

According to a Press Release from Stratis,

“To submit the proposal, developers must simply join the IDGB Discord channel and present their idea. The community will then deliberate on the proposal in a fully decentralized and transparent manner. Though…

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