Stephen A. Smith Couldn’t Be More Wrong About Colin Kaepernick

  • Most analysts are skeptical of the NFL’s proposed workout for Colin Kaepernick on Saturday.
  • But Stephen A. Smith seems to be convinced that it is going to lead to a job within the next two weeks for Kaepernick.
  • No matter how well Kaepernick performs, he will not be on an NFL roster this season.

The NFL threw a curveball at football fans, teams, and Colin Kaepernick Tuesday morning when it announced that a private workout was to take place Saturday in Atlanta.

Stephen A. Smith Says Colin Kaepernick Will Be Back in NFL in 2 Weeks

Its purpose—to give the 32-year old Kaepernick a chance to prove he still has the physical tools needed to play the game. Teams will, of course, have concerns he may be more trouble than he is worth. But that is what the interview part of the workout is for.

While many have reacted to the news with skepticism, at least one person seems to think it is legitimate—ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith. The outspoken analyst has gone as far as to say that Kaepernick is going to have a job in the NFL within the next two weeks:

But he could not be more wrong.

Will the Kaepernick Workout Even Happen?

Since the announcement of the workout, the legitimacy of it has been under fire. Many believe that it is not on the up and up and have called it a sham. One of Kaepernick’s former teammates and a fellow protester, Eric Reid, has referred to it as a PR stunt:

How the NFL has behaved has raised several red flags as well. Why have the workout on a Saturday when most teams are going to be traveling or busy preparing for Sunday? How come they couldn’t provide teams or Kaepernick with more notice? Why not move it when Kaepernick’s people requested a move? Why not give him a list of who is going to attend?

Several teams have said they will have representatives there, but several have also contacted Kaepernick’s reps to say they can’t make it. All the red flags have caused so much skepticism about the workout that NFL insider Adam Schefter doubts…

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