Steering 1.5B students past pandemic

Blockchain technology is an advancement in terms of security and speed but education stakeholders largely ignored the viability of the technology. There were advances already being made and now, the time has come upon us to rethink the future of our schools, students, and teachers due to the pandemic.

Schools around the world are closed and 1.5 billion children are stuck at home. This excludes any tertiary level students and has forced us to rethink the future of education. The spike in demand for online learning has been massive and possibly is the boost that will give online education it needs to become entrenched as the way we will educate in the future.

A 2017 Google and KPMG report estimated that India’s online education market would be a $2 Billion industry by 2021, a significant increase of $250 Million from 2016.

Dear Diary

My friend Nelly Khumalo in Johannesburg South Africa just DM me on Instagram to say that the 21-day lock has been extended for 2 more weeks until the end of April. What will happen in India this week? Will Prime Minister Narendra Modi extend the lockdown here? Will I be able to keep up with my studies this year or will I lose a year of my life?

The current education system of testing students by getting them to memorize, replicate and then forget after the exam is over, and the need to repeat the cycle is largely a waste of time. 

Blockchain technology & online education system

With the pandemic upon us, school discontinuance, and the uncertainty of getting a viable education, the time is ripe for awareness and adoption of blockchain technology. A shift from viability to productive usability would help mass adaption across the globe and the world to embrace blockchain technology. Two things have been highlighted by COVID-19:

  1. Online tailor-made education and the ability to track each student is vital for the progression towards inclusion for all.
  2. The ability to track progress and create an incorruptible record of their progress in scale is…

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