Staking Roundtable: Experts Discuss the PoS Staking Market in 2019

Proof-of-stake coins enable digital asset investors to earn interest in the form of newly issued coins. POS coins are, therefore, often compared to fixed income securities, such as bonds, in the traditional financial markets.

To gain deeper insight into the current state of the POS ecosystem, Bitcoin Market Journal engaged in a roundtable discuss with three notable experts in the field. Figment Network’s Loren Gabel, Kysen Technologies’ Jack Chan, and CypherCore’s Ken Trueba shared their views on the current and future state of proof-of-stake assets.

What criteria do you think investors should look at when choosing crypto assets to stake?

Lorien Gabel, Co-Founder at Figment Networks

“The best way to answer that question is to turn it around. What is your goal for investing in this space? Are you an active trader? Do you want to turn your assets over quickly? If so, then staking may not be the right path for you.

When it comes to being a long-term investor (which is someone looking at investing for at least one month), you want to perform sophisticated due diligence for the projects you’re considering. This includes criteria such as the competency of the founds, how well the community communicates, the quality of the project team, what type of initial venture backing the project had, how well the project can scale, and whether or not there are any long-term investment agreements in place.”

Jack Chan, Co-Founder at Kysen Technologies

“When it comes to proof of stake cryptos, a lot of folks within the community are focused on security and usability. At the same time, crypto investors are looking mostly at numbers. If the volatility of the project is beyond the rewards of the asset through staking, then it might not make sense to stake that coin.

Investors also want to be sure that the coin is stable and consider the rewards. That way you’re reaping the entire rewards available on the delta. Take a close look at the team…

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