Stability or risk? Which cryptocurrency to invest right now!

The digital money market was a stormy one recently – in a couple of days some coins increased by tens of percent, but instantly lost as much. Volatility has returned, which means that you can get rich quickly on a new type of assets … or go broke.

On June 26, the Bitcoin rate rose by 25% and set a new annual maximum above $ 13,760. However, in less than two hours the first cryptocurrency was trading at $ 12,370, and by the evening of June 28 it was $ 10,576. At this point, it is not clear whether this is a starting point for a new coin growth, or the price will go even lower. One thing is clear – cryptocurrencies have already begun to attract the attention of people who are usually not connected with the financial sphere.

We talked to experts to answer the main questions – does it make sense now to enter the market, is it worth buying altcoins for quick money, which coins can become more expensive and what about Bitcoin. We do not make recommendations for the purchase of certain assets, all information is published solely for informational purposes.

Cryptocurrency market has changed

Vladimir Annikov, Advisor to the President of the European Legal Service for digital markets, believes that the cryptocurrency market has changed – the composition of participants has changed, a certain approach to regulation has emerged, as far as possible, dubious and frankly fraudulent projects have failed, and the blockchain industry has become more understandable. The specialist proposed to distinguish between changes in the market and the cryptomere in general, despite the close relationship between them:

This week, probably for the first time, we observed a reflection of the role of cryptocurrencies as a protective asset, that is, high volatility, significant risks of investing in altcoins were perceived by investors not as a ‘childhood disease’ of cryptoactives, but as a given, with which you can work. Information on the planned lowering of the base rate led…

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