Sony’s Best Move Is to Cancel This Year’s PS5 Launch

  • Sony should cancel the PS5 launch and focus on the PS4 as reports of hardware problems surface.
  • The low-priced PS4 is at an advantage during these times.
  • Supply chain disruptions and a potential recession will be headwinds for the PS5.

Sony appears to be stalling gamers and enthusiasts who have been eagerly waiting for concrete details about the PlayStation 5 (PS5) console for what seems to be an eternity now. The Japanese giant held what was supposed to be a “reveal” event last month. But that turned out to be a dud.

Game designer Mark Cerny’s presentation has been labeled as “boring” and sleep-inducing.” His presentation was laden with technical jargon and he failed to give gamers much reason to be excited about the PS5.

It’s now clear why Cerny didn’t focus on any cutting-edge PS5 features that may have excited gamers – a potential hardware problem.

Is Sony’s PS5 Hardware Development on the Ropes?

Windows Central executive editor Daniel Rubino recently tweeted a comment from a self-proclaimed gaming industry insider – Jeff Rickel – who says that the PS5 is running into hardware problems.

Source: Twitter

Rubino says that the concerns pointed out by Rickel are in line with what game developers and other insiders have been saying for months. According to Rickel, Sony has reportedly messed up the form factor of the PS5 console. The PlayStation 5 is being unable to maintain its clock speeds and the hardware is failing at an “alarming rate,” Rickel points out.

He adds that Sony hasn’t shown off launch titles for the PS5 so far. That’s because developers don’t seem to have an idea about how the final product could perform. If true, the hardware hiccups are bad news for Sony.

Is This a Blessing in Disguise?

The rumor mill was already suggesting that Sony may have to postpone the PS5 launch originally slated for this year’s holiday season. Blame that on the coronavirus pandemic.

With the latest rumors of hardware trouble, it would…

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