Someone Rescue Chrissy Teigen from This Insane Alt-Right Conspiracy

  • Chrissy Teigen deleted more than 60,000 tweets out of concern for her family’s safety.
  • The former “Sports Illustrated” model said she’s been subjected to “wild” conspiracy theories surrounding an alleged affiliation with Jeffrey Epstein.
  • These allegations have spun out of control. Enough is enough.

It’s time someone says it: Leave Chrissy Teigen alone.

The former “Sports Illustrated” swimsuit model has already deleted more than 60,000 tweets out of fear for her family’s safety.

She says she’s reached her breaking point after being subjected to countless QAnon conspiracy theories surrounding an alleged affiliation with Jeffrey Epstein.

This is beyond ridiculous, and it needs to stop.

For The Last Time, Chrissy Teigen Has No Link to the Monstrous Jeffrey Epstein

While it’s difficult to pinpoint what, precisely, is the worst thing about the Donald Trump presidency, the ascent of the so-called “QAnon” troll army has to rank in the top five.

According to this ragtag group of absolute morons – who are emboldened by the head moron-in-chief – there is a “deep state conspiracy” to annihilate Donald Trump. That’s not all. They believe that 5G networks spread coronavirus, while simultaneously claiming the pandemic is a “Democratic hoax.”

So how did Chrissy Teigen get in their cross-hairs?

Because QAnon further spreads conspiracy theories that celebrities and politicians collude with the deep state to traffic children.

Chrissy Teigen not only has no love for Jeffrey Epstein — or his co-conspirator, Ghislaine Maxwell — but is being targeted by QAnon trolls. | Source: Twitter

Teigen is a victim of one of QAnon’s insidious tactics: the use of doctored “evidence” to prove their ridiculous theories.

In this case, QAnon’s troll army doctored images claiming that Chrissy Teigen – along with her husband, John Legend – is linked to Jeffrey Epstein.

These false documents allege Teigen and Legend…

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