Some Pokemon Sword and Shield Players Don’t Know How to Bathe

  • Some gamers in attendance at a Pokemon Sword and Shield midnight launch event had hygiene problems.
  • One Redditor found it so bad that they took to the site to vent their frustrations.
  • If you’re going out in public, or even if you’re not, you need to take a shower occasionally.

Hygiene can be a thorny issue among gamers. It’s a bit of an overdone stereotype these days, the ‘smelly gamer’. Having said that, when journeying to conventions and other live events it’s all too common to be trapped in a convention hall with hundreds of unwashed people.

Being excited about an event is one thing, but come on. If you’re at a convention that lasts over an extended weekend, you need to shower. What’s even worse is when it’s a one-off event and people still don’t seem to have bothered with their personal hygiene. This is the case for one poor Redditor who found it so bad he had to vent online.

One particular complaint got a little sweary at times. | Source: Reddit.

It Went Down at a Pokemon Sword and Shield Midnight Release

The user in question, Willykinz, found themselves at a midnight event for Pokemon Sword and Shield. Apparently, the smell was bad enough to cause some major discomfort. At least it seems that way from the post they made about the whole affair.

They talked about the smell “invading their nostrils” and called the gamers “filthy mongrels.” Honestly, it’s sort of hard to blame them for that reaction. Imagine being all excited for the game to come out, buzzing with anticipation while waiting in line. It’s then that you realize you’re going to have to stand for hours with the rank stench of body odor wafting through the air. Disgusting.

It seems like the others in the thread completely agree with the sentiments of the original post. Many agreed that basic hygiene was important,  obviously, while some seemed genuinely angry. There were people literally just lamenting the fact that this cliched type of gamer even existed.


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