Some boring facts about Bitcoin, and why you should remember them

It has been around ten years since the first time that Bitcoin came into existence. With this amount of time passing, we should do a quick review of some of the more boring facts about Bitcoin, which all determine, in one way or another, what Bitcoin is
to us today. These facts need the occasional review, simply because they are important to the history of the currency. Although, the importance of these facts lies not just with the curiosity of their validity, but also to what they can tell us about our own
attitude towards the currency today. They tell us where the currency came from and what it means to toe society in general. They are a way to contextualize Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general for us so that we can be self-aware of how we use them in our
day to day lives and why we use them in those specific ways. In a way, they are a mirror to the cryptocurrency enthusiast of today, just one more opportunity to stop and consider where we stand after

ten years with Bitcoin
and now with other ryptos. 

Value of Bitcoin at its launch

The first thing that I want to discuss is the value of the very first Bitcoin. The history of the currency starts very humbly, being worth so much less than it is today, that it is even funny to consider how it could have gotten from there to here. It is
also not surprising that so many people hesitated, at the time, to in any way invest in cryptocurrencies or anything that was related to them. At the very beginning of its history, Bitcoin sat at the modest price of $0.003. Compared to today, that is nothing.
The change that the value of Bitcoin has seen since is astronomical, with the decimal point moving 9 times to get to where it is now. It makes sense now why the first purchase ever made with Bitcoin was of Pizza, using about 5000 Bitcoins at the time. That
is also when the real history of Bitcoin got started,
May 22nd
, the date that started the crazy journey that brought us to where we are now. 


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