Smashboard Leverages Blockchain To Give Voice To #MeToo Movement

Blockchain is perhaps the hippest thing in tech these days. From being used to kickstart the cryptocurrency revolution, to applications in finance, accounting, insurance, supply chain and even for wildlife conservation, blockchain technology is everywhere.

The immutable property of blockchain lends itself superbly to processes and operations that rely on an authentic record of events and transactions. And that also includes elements where traditionally society has relied on non-tech solutions.

As voices against sexual violence and feminism gain prominence within the country, it opens a new opportunity for blockchain. Yes, like transaction details and records of manufacturing, blockchain can be used to track, authenticate complaints about sexual assaults, map the areas most impacted and also help in legal proceedings that soon follow.

That’s the goal behind Smashboard, one of the few blockchain platforms working in the social innovation sector in India.

Speaking to Inc42, founder Noopur Tiwari said that patriarchy and social norms have made life more difficult for victims of sexual crimes. In fact, Tiwari believes that this is a democratisation of the blockchain tech, given that typically women are often stereotyped as being not tech-savvy.

“Technology doesn’t do anything on its own. But it is something that needs to be shaped for and by women and feminists of all genders. It’s not that women aren’t adapted to tech. It’s that tech is too dominated by male workers.”

She added that the small percentage of women who enter the tech industry are more geared towards building a career, than making a difference. Tiwari, who founded Idea Chakki in 2013 which was funded by Ratan Tata, is based in Paris, France but told us the company is looking at India provides a digital video menu for restaurants and allows customers to gift food and beverage experiences across the world.

Other directors at Idea Chakki which include names like Gunjan Mehrish, Balkishan Sahni and…

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