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During the first week of April, News reported on the sidechain project Smart Bitcoin Cash Project (Smartbch), as the community has been very excited about this new venture. Smartbch aims to connect Ethereum’s EVM and Web3 APIs to a smart sidechain built using the Bitcoin Cash network. On April 7, 2021, Smartbch’s lead developer Wang Kui was interviewed by Satoshi’s Angels’ cofounder Cindy Wang and he explained the many benefits Smartbch will bring to the crypto ecosystem.

Smartbch: Maximizing TPS With Bitcoin Cash

There are many reasons why people are bullish about bitcoin cash (BCH), as the digital asset has been processing more transactions per day than BTC since February. Moreover, proponents like internet entrepreneur, Kim Dotcom has been telling the world about the many benefits BCH has to offer. Dotcom plans to leverage BCH for his content monetization application Furthermore, BCH supporters have been excited about the decentralized finance (defi) project Anyhedge and the noncustodial platform Detoken.

Maximizing TPS: Smartbch Developer Explains Project's Potential, Metamask Capabilities Seen in the Wild

But a new announcement in recent times has BCH fans talking about a sidechain that will connect with Ethereum in a very inexpensive fashion, because it leverages the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) blockchain. The Smart Bitcoin Cash Project or Smartbch is a unique Ethereum and Web3-compatible sidechain that plans to make throughput as large as one billion gas every 15 seconds. This week, the project’s lead engineer Wang Kui discussed the Smartbch project with Cindy Wang, a cofounder of Satoshi’s Angels as well as a crypto educator and writer.

Maximizing TPS: Smartbch Developer Explains Project's Potential, Metamask Capabilities Seen in the Wild

Wang Kui says that the Smartbch project came together organically and since mid-2018, he’s been working on methods to maximize TPS (Transactions Per Second). By the second half of 2020, Wang Kui said he figured out a way to maximize TPS and after discussing the solution with colleagues, they “decided to deliver [his] research results by launching Smartbch.” The…

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