Smart Vaults for The Best Stablecoin Returns

Rocket Vault Finance has an innovative way to amp up returns from passive income structures in the crypto markets – and tap into next-generation AI/ML trading.

Passive income is one of the most important aspects of any modern currency, as savers are rewarded with interest rates that give them an incentive to hold the currency.

In the fiat currency markets – interest on capital is dead. The central banks killed risk-free returns with low-to-zero interest rate policies, and when inflation is factored in, most government bonds are expensive to hold.

Rocket Vault Finance has a simple idea that could change the way that both individuals and institutions create returns on cash equivalents.

Instead of dealing with multiple staking platforms, or trying to create returns from trading across hundreds of tokens, Rocket Vault has created a one-stop solution for creating passive income from cryptocurrencies.

Rocket Vault Finance has Powerful Ideas

In essence, Rocket Vault uses next-generation Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to create the equivalent of an interest bearing stablecoin. This approach has proved successful, and over the last year, it was able to post an APR of 100% according to the company.

Any platform that is able to double the amount of an investment in a year is worth learning more about. In addition to posting impressive returns, Rocket Vault is simple to use and can accommodate institutional-level investments.

Fully Automated Finance

It would be difficult to pigeonhole Rocket Vault into an existing category. In many ways, it is similar to a robo advisor, but there is no human input used whatsoever.

Rocket Vault’s Smart Vault system is extremely simple to use. Tokens are deposited in a Smart Vault, and from there, a fully automated AI/ML investment platform takes over. There are no human traders involved, and no need for client input.

In other words, there are no humans involved, and all the capital will be invested with proven trading systems.

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