Smart Exchange Ecosystem Creating Liquidity Across CeFi & DeFi Ecosystems

Unizen is developing a smart exchange ecosystem that concentrates the advantages of centralized exchanges, decentralized exchanges, and effective decision-making tools into a single platform.

This new model allows deep hybrid liquidity and is supported by an interconnected ecosystem including centralized and decentralized exchange elements.

The products and exchanges are all accessible on one platform which helps to reduce trade execution time and mitigate risk through interaction with audited products.

In addition, Unizen allows users to access any asset without leaving the platform and without sending funds between exchanges.

AI-driven social sentiment indicators will take responsibility to show the sentiment at the time when a trade is processed.

Unizen users are able to benefit from process trades with less slippage, higher asset availability, and better security.

What is Unizen?

One of the highlights of Unizen is it supports CeFi and DeFi applications on any network and aggregates trades across the entire ecosystem.

It’s also unique thanks to a partnership with LunarCrush which facilitates social indicators and compliance capabilities via KYC across all modules.

USPs include Binance shared liquidity, multi-asset yield staking, DeFi app onboarding, a cross-chain trade aggregation algorithm, and AI-driven social trade sentiment.

CeDeFi Solutions

The rise of enterprise blockchain solutions has the potential for many news trends, and Centralized Decentralized Finance or CeDeFi is one of the latest trends in the blockchain world.

CeDeFi is a combination of traditional centralized financial organizations with mature DeFi applications. The CeDeFi system brings benefits of regulatory safeguards in traditional systems.

Furthermore, it could also offer the benefits of modern innovative financial infrastructure and products.

The Unizen team believes that traders will be able to find out the best opportunities which are based on liquidity depth and fees, network fees, KYC…

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