Slow and Empty Blocks With a Mysterious Message – ABC’s New Chain Off to a Rocky Start

On November 15, 2020, the Bitcoin Cash blockchain experienced a network upgrade and a bifurcation of the chain as well. While the Bitcoin Cash network continued on smoothly, the ABC pro infrastructure funding plan (IFP) side of the chain had a rocky and extremely slow start. Since the 15th, the nameless ABC chain has seen 197 blocks processed to-date, as a few miners are pointing hashrate at the network keeping the new blockchain going.

Just recently Bitcoin Cash (BCH) endured a network upgrade and a consensus split when the full node project Bitcoin ABC decided to keep the IFP baked into the code. The IFP was very contentious and during the months leading up to the fork, miners and major business operations began switching over to the non-IFP node BCHN and other full node implementations.

The last Bitcoin Cash common block on November 15, 2020, was at block height 661,647 and was mined by Binance. After that point at approximately 12:33 p.m. EST, the ABC pro-IFP side continued on as its own chain, as two distinct blocks were mined. Bitcoin Cash (BCH) was 20 blocks ahead of the ABC chain at this point in time that afternoon.

Slow and Empty Blocks With a Mysterious Message - ABC's New Chain Off to a Rocky Start

As of today, the ABC chain has processed 197 blocks, as miners have dedicated a diminutive amount of SHA256 hashrate to the alternative network. Coin Dance statistics show the ABC airdrop coin has roughly 0.13 exahash per second (EH/s), while BCH has 1.93 EH/s dedicated to the Bitcoin Cash chain.

While ABC’s side found 197 blocks, BCH miners have found 1093 blocks under the new consensus rules. At the time of publication, the ABC chain, otherwise known as “BAB,” has three known mining pools pointing hashrate at the chain. Viabtc, BCHA Pro, and Mining-Dutch are mining the coin, alongside a much larger hashrate of stealth miners.

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