Skrill Now Allows Buying All Available Altcoins with Bitcoin


In an interview with CNBC’s Melissa Lee, “Bitcoin Jesus” Roger Ver made a wild claim that the price of Bitcoin Cash could increase 1,000 times from where it is right now. Ver explained why BCH should be considered an amazing investment.

“I think it has the ability to up 1,000 times from where it is, currently, because it’s looking to become peer-to-peer electronic cash for the entire world, and it has more physical shops accepting it around the world, infrastructure is being built on top of it.”

Ver also claims that Bitcoin has the economic characteristics that made Bitcoin popular to begin with.

On track to mass adoption

As reported by U.Today, Ver recently launched a $200 mln fund that is meant to propel the adoption of Bitcoin Cash. This money will go to supporting businesses around the globe that chose to accept BCH.

He claims that HTC is now pre-installing their wallet in their smartphone, and he will have deals with other major brands.

“We have other deals in the work with other household names just like that where you are going to see more Bitcoin Cash, wallets in brand-new devices shipping right there from brands known all around the world.”

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Bitcoin Cash will stay

Lee states that China’s clampdown on crypto proves that governments around the world could make it difficult to use crypto.

“The governments cannot shut down cryptocurrencies across the globe overnight. The can make it difficult but they cannot shut it down or stop it. That’s the big difference.”

He further claims that the number of transactions recently went through the roof on one of their platforms with the majority of users being located in China.

“As China’s trying to clamp down on it, people are finding ways to circumvent those claims.”

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