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News BTC is mostly a price prediction platform. After writing about the cultural side of crypto for near four years, I’ve come to learn a thing or two about the correlation between leader, community, and price.

Even though I have no qualifications or desire to be a price predictor, I’ve made great friends here through whom it becomes easier to navigate the projects that have their foundations correct. The Defi burn is on, and I’m privileged to have chosen and accepted the ‘Artistic Ambassador’ title for Sheesha Finance.

Sheesha Finance is a Decentralized Finance venture founded by Saeed Hareb Al Darmaki. The strong team assembled to bring this venture into reality has been vetted by many community members, and approved to make the DeFi story even more interesting.

“VESA has proven himself to be a leader in the digital art space which is not something that happens overnight. He has worked tirelessly at his craft for years, earning him features in Forbes and allowing him to work with very famous crypto infuencers. We are honored to have VESA as our Artistic Ambassador, guiding us in the decision-making of what artists to bring into our ecosystem and working with our community to educate and deliver quality content.”- Saeed Al Darmaki

The King’s Decentralized Deer

“If it is illegal for a man to fend for himself, how can he be a man in his own right?” -Robin Hood

Speaking of content, here is a thought and myth made visible in modern times. We undoubtedly are living through an unprecedented time in world history with COVID. Despite the rhetoric of “We are in this together” by most passing the lockdown laws, they keep having their paychecks show up, as they wish those well who have no such luck. The deer have been claimed by the king, leaving most with chasing rabbit meat.

While this might feel like a blessing to vegans, the green supply chain is equally affected, and there is a weird increase in supplement prices and kale lately. In this…

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