ShareRing Launches World’s First Blockchain-Powered Travel App

ShareRing launches a travel app on iOS and Android, bringing together all travel services into one place and under one account.

Picture stepping off the plane and knowing everything can be securely booked and managed from your phone. No more juggling handing over passports travel documents or bank cards. Now there’s an app specially built for handling a variety of travel services, it’s called ShareRing.

The ShareRing app, on release, will allow users to create their OneID and ShareRing account. Additionally, users can book hotels and apply for an eVOA, plus insurance.

Following on from release, ShareRing will be progressively adding short stay accommodation, an array of insurance products, hosting, activities, tours & events, car rentals and flights. This is just the tip of the iceberg of the different use cases the ShareRing app and blockchain can facilitate.

Payment Method for Everyone

ShareRing will allow users to pay for hotels and other services using fiat currency as well as pay with an array of cryptocurrencies, including BTC, ETH, VET, NANO, MATIC, BNB and many more!

Additionally participating hotels will feature Hotel Express Check-In where merchants can pre-verify customers before arrival, as well as the option to offer a “cash-out” service. This means a customer can have their key and money ready upon arrival at the hotel.

ShareRing in a Nutshell

ShareRing CEO, Tim Bos recently explained in an interview that in a nutshell, ShareRing is building an ecosystem for the sharing and rental economy. The blockchain platform and middleware that they’ve developed can provide a full end-to-end solution, including IoT, payments, marketplace listings, identity management, and much more. Their first major push will be into the travel industry but the ShareRing ecosystem can expand into many industries, such as charity, insurance and logistics.

Power over Your information

Tim also explains that users KYC and personal information is always kept secure and…

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