Seele Blockchain Network White Paper, Yellow Papers and Technical Papers

Seele is the next generation public chain for the industry.  Seele have published a Seele Javascript SDK demo. Advanced Sharding technology is the special aspect of seele. Those who are interested in the Seele should see the White Paper, Yellow Papers and Technical Papers to get an idea of their proposals, the protocol and the sharding implementation.  The novel data storing mechanism and the ε-differential agreement (EDA0 provide for parallel data storing.

The v1.3.1 Go-Seele mainnet Official Executables was released recently. The Seele Weekly Report provides the latest updates in the Seele Ecosystem.

Seele recently tweeted:  “We are thrilled to announce the Seele javascript SDK! Developers using seeleteam.js, are strongly encouraged to switch, a brief comparison, Nodes after and prior to v1.3.0 is supported by both.” They have provided the due links for the same.

Seele further tweeted:  “Go-Seele Release v1.3.0, with consensus algorithm optimization, new API and client update.”

Seele also warns their users that they do not have a presence on Facebook.  They have also stated that they are not affiliates nor are they related to any accounts on Facebook, which claim to be Seele or Seele Tech.

Seele Weekly Report

The Seele Weekly report provided updates on Mining algorithm optimization; Added Seele RPC function; P2P nodes synchronization optimization; Mining nodes CPU utilization optimization;  Seele JS SDK development; Seele SDK development; Research on Invalid Parameters of UDP Node Connection.

Sydney Ifergan, the Crypto Expert tweeted:  “I love that Seele is fully EVM Compatible. They are just new and are already in the top 100 list which is a good thing.  However, we need to see if the new sustains usability for users.”

Seele MPoW

Seele is based on MPoW (Matrix-Proof-of-Work), which is an innovative PoW consensus algorithm, which was developed by SeeleTech.  It was implemented on the Seele’s main-net.

When compared to the conventional PoW…

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