Secured Gold Coin Pty Limited Launches SGC Coin, SGC Blockchain, and SGC PAY Promoting Cryptocurrency Usability

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA OCTOBER 2, 2019: Australian-origin blockchain and crypto-asset company, Secured Gold Coin Pty Limited has successfully launched its cryptocurrency namely SGC (Secured Gold Coin), its own revolutionary blockchain called SGC Blockchain, and everyday use SGC Pay Debit Card advocating usability of the cryptocurrency. 

The company has introduced the idea of a hybrid cryptocurrency that can be used for everyday transactions, autonomously or coupled with existing fiat and plastic money. This new concept is a first in the industry and is set to enable users to utilise their digital currency portfolio to the max.

Equipped with smart contracts, incorporating the transparency of explorer, and supporting a revolutionary hybrid cryptocurrency, the SGC Blockchain platform is reliable, stable and secure. With a total supply of 1 Billion coins released over a period of 43 years until 2062, a Proof of Work (PoW) consensus, and a block mining time of as little as 14.5 seconds (average), SGC blockchain is highly efficient and fast. 

Secured Gold Coin Pty Ltd has initially released the coin with 40% utility and 60% gold backing, for ultimate stability against poor-performance and sunk investment. The cryptocurrency’s real-world asset is certified by SBMA, insured by Lloyd’s of London and stored in the secured vaults of Gold Silver Central Pty Limited, Singapore, all industry-leading names in their respective fields.

The Initial Public Sale of SGC will start from 4th October 2019 and finish on 14th October 2019. This will be an opportunity for potential users to stock up on SGC’s unique, state-of-the-art cryptocurrency, with an additional bonus coin incentive.

Changing the cryptocurrency landscape from investment to usability, SGC has also integrated the SGC Pay Debit Card in the scheme of its cryptocurrency, enabling users to perform everyday transactions using their digital currency portfolio, at their local stores or shopping centers via POS…

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