SEC Compliant TopiaCoin Completes SAFT, Opening Blockchain Security to Accredited Investors

TopiaCoin began making noise earlier this year when it unveiled development of a military-grade security layer for blockchains, pioneering total data security amidst a wave of data scandals hitting major companies — from Facebook to Equifax. Since the team has delivered on its earliest roadmap commitments and has opened its doors to private investors.

What’s more, the security token is one of the few projects that is prioritizing security and legitimacy by protecting its investors by completing a Simple Agreements for Future Tokens (SAFT), becoming fully SEC compliant.

Let’s take a quick look at what TopiaCoin is doing to pioneer data security for blockchains, and what the SAFT agreement means for investors.

A Security Layer for Protecting Peer-to-Peer Transactions and dApps

The team behind TopiaCoin’s revolutionary security layer have a history of developing security solutions for some of today’s most sensitive and high-level clients — including the US military.

Janine Terrano, the CEO of Topia Technology, is a seasoned executive with a demonstrated history of leading cybersecurity experts to protect and maintain network security.

Janine Terrano is now bringing her expertise, along with other notable industry leaders (including Stan Larimer, founder of the BitShares and EOS blockchains) to build the TopiaCoin network and Secure Data File Sharing (SDFS).

Terrano explains, “The TopiaCoin ICO is the first step towards a truly game-changing moment in data security to address the crisis large companies, governments, and individuals face today.”

Protecting Users’ and Developers’ Data

TopiaCoin’s SDFS network uses patented technology that shreds and encrypts data that is associated with the blockchain. It’s the very first secure network to offer targeted data security between two distinct peers.

Although many blockchain based solutions offer decentralization and encryption as a basis for data security, only Topia offers a data security layer that secures specific data transactions between two persons.

For example, Topia’s network empowers peers to protect specific transactions between you and another person, be it a legal document, medical records, or other sensitive information.

The SDFS network empowers users to:

  • Send and receive sensitive information in a secure, immutable, decentralized way
  • Establish private workspaces that can be used to share information with multiple peers
  • Send and receive secure messages — without a centralized network

“Today, there is no real data security for blockchain-based applications and there is a huge need in the marketplace for a security layer,” says Stan Larimer, founder of BitShares and Advisor to TopiaCoin.

Larimer goes on to say, “TopiaCoin will be the first to market with military-grade security and this will bring great value to the blockchain and BitShares community.”

Protecting Investors with SAFT and Regulatory Compliance

Last year’s ICO craze (which raised over $4b in funding for cryptocurrency projects) has sparked widespread scrutiny in projects that have swindled investors and caused alarm for the crypto space — prompting SEC probes into the space like never before.

TopiaCoin recognized this early on — and has taken great efforts to protect its investors by maintaining total SEC compliance and working with law firm Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati, to complete its Simple Agreements for Future Tokens (SAFT).

A SAFT agreement is a legally binding agreement between a cryptocurrency company and its investors. Here’s how it works:

  • Investors buy the rights to tokens that will be released
  • The tokens are issued to investors when the company’s service is launched
  • When the project is complete, investors receive tokens
  • In many cases, these tokens become much more valuable as they are used to transact for services on the blockchain

The SAFT agreement legally opens the door to accredited investors— opening a special opportunity for those interested in getting involved in the project early at pre-ICO prices.

TopiaCoin’s Token Sale

For those interested in getting involved with TopiaCoin, there is currently a private presale which will be followed by a public token sale.

Here are some of the details:

  • 300 million total supply
  • 210 million available for the public sale (60.67%)
  • 67% reserved for pre-sale
  • Presale discounts and contribution bonuses are available
  • Token prices may increase during the public sale

As always, do your own diligence and research before investing. If you want to learn more about TopiaCoin, check out the following links below.

Accredited investors can apply using the SAFT agreement here:

View the token sale document here:

TopiaCoin’s website:


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