SDVN Starts new Intelligent Edge Virtual Network

What is SDVN ?

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / June 8, 2020 / SDVN is Software Defined Virtual Network, that is an advanced next generation block chain network. Through its deep integration of blockchain, SDVN, edge computing as well as the capacity to consolidate the global telecommunication apparatus, the proprietary project aims to reset the industry by creating a decentralized, distributed ecosystem that opens the next chapter of the online economy system.

An Overview

1.The Objectives

With a long track record of successful applications and operation history that goes back more than a decade, SDVN project wants to create a thriving ecological closed-loop for the C2C, C2B, B2C, and B2B market. Created with a strong emphasis on privacy, security, reliability and flexibility, the SDVN platform is designed to integrate computing, bandwidth, storage, and data resources and lay the foundation for the growing cryptocurrency economy as well as the age of the Internet of Things.

The first phase of SDVN project is to install a total of 21 root nodes (RN), 1,000 central nodes (CN) and one million edge nodes(EN).

2. Current roadmap

2.1. Deploy 100 root nodes (RN), 5,000 central nodes (CN) and 10 million edge nodes (EN) globally through collaborations with other parties.

2.2 Create a network communication path that utilizes advanced machine learning for path selection.

2.3. Integrate a complete set of mining capabilities, including traffic-based mining, storage-based mining, compute-based mining, and exchange-based mining. Users can gain profits in multiple levels and channels.

2.4. Make a robust mining management tool, including an autopilot function that takes away the stress of micro-managing mining activities.

2.5. Integrate and connect the needs and resources of the entire network. Provide distributed storage, retrieval, space leasing, intelligent router scheduling, high-speed communication data forwarding, data and resource sharing services at the three levels of RN, CN, and EN.

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