SDF invests in the DeFi exchange DSTOQ

  • The Stellar Development Foundation has completed a $715,000 investment in the Stellar Lumen-based exchange DSTOQ. 
  • DSTOQ will tokenize securities on the Stellar blockchain and offer them in emerging markets.

The Stellar Development Foundation (SDF), which is responsible for the development and growth of Stellar, today announced a strategic investment in DSTOQ Group AG based in Liechtenstein. DSTOQ is a Stellar-based FinTech project that allows users to invest in traditional stocks with fiat and cryptocurrency.

The investment was valued by SDF at USD 715.00, whereby the amount was paid in Stellar Lumens (XLM) from the newly created company fund. This was created in mid-December last year and 10 billion XLM were allocated for use case investments, with 8 billion XLM transferred to an escrow account of the Stellar Enterprise Fund and 2 billion XLM earmarked for new products, as reported by CNF.

The Stellar Enterprise Fund is a kind of venture style fund for the expansion of the network. The money will be used to acquire or invest in companies that offer potential for the Stellar ecosystem.

Stellar: DSTOQ tokenizes securities

The investment in DSTOQ is the first one made by SDF through the fund. DSTOQ aims to make investments in securities more accessible and affordable for people in emerging markets. To this end, the Stellar Blockchain-based project has developed a trading platform where users have easy access to blue chip stocks, such as those from Tesla or Amazon, as well as bonds, indices and commodities.

The securities are tokenized on the Stellar blockchain and can be traded as security tokens using fiat or cryptocurrencies. The first target market for DSTOQ will be Vietnam, followed by South Africa and other African, South American and Asian developing countries. Users of the platform only need a smartphone to access the platform and thus gain access to the global financial markets.

The innovation is in line with the vision of the Stellar Development Foundation,…

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