Schools and Universities will be suspended in April and may extend

The Ministry of Health Plan foresees that all schools and universities are kept closed in April, and may be extended until May, if the virus is not possible.

Other measures to make up for the lack of education can be taken, such as jobs and online classes. These are ways to prevent students from missing part of the school year as a result of covid-19. The main objective of this action is to ensure that people are not crowded in the same classroom.

At the moment, all municipal and state schools are closed, including day care centers. With no expected return, many students are quarantined at home awaiting information about normality in the coming weeks.

Closed commercial establishments

In Cuiabá, due to the strong proliferation of the covid-19, many logists are keeping the establishments closed. The current governor, Pedro Taques, informed that this measure of keeping the establishments closed is extremely important so that customers are not vulnerable to covid-19.

Merchants who decide to open establishments may be punished with fines. Some city inspectors are patrolling the city to identify stores that are open and apply the appropriate measure. Establishments such as restaurants may open normally, only behind closed doors and only by delivery.

No notes have yet been issued reporting the number of shopkeepers who were punished with fines for failing to comply with government orders.

No new information was presented until the closing of this matter.


With the advancement of covid-19, many people are being affected financially by this. Many workers who are self-employed need to perform their duties daily, an action that is not possible, since many businesses are behind closed doors. Many drivers who work with the app (Uber) report that the platform has limited availability time.

According to Uber precautionary measures, drivers will not be able to access the 12-hour timetable, a time that had no limit before the virus proliferated. covid-19. The platform also instructed drivers to have bottles of gel alcohol in the car for customers to use.

Some criteria were also adopted during the trip. Previously, passengers could choose whether to travel with air conditioning or not. Uber said all trips should be made with all car windows open. This is a way for air to circulate inside the car, preventing the driver and passengers from being contaminated with the covid-19.

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