Saving the Oceans One EcoCoin at a Time – Sponsored Bitcoin News

AquaGoat is an ecological social cryptocurrency with a purpose: saving the planet’s oceans. AquaGoat aims to help fund and donate to initiatives focused on cleaning and protecting the planet’s oceans and waterways, all while generating income (yield-generation) and value to its holders.

Since the project began on April 7, 2021, AquaGoat has donated to three charities: The Ocean CleanUp, an organization that develops new technologies to help rid the world of the ocean’s plastic; The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, a group that engages in direct action campaigns to track down and stop illegal fishing enterprises; and The Blue Marine Foundation, a charity that directly addresses the environmental issues of overfishing. A little over $19,000 has been donated between all three charities so far with the intention of continuing to donate to more causes in the near future through their biweekly community polls and donation drives.

What sets AquaGoat apart from a typical charity token? Their goal is to form long term partnerships with their beneficiaries – educating them on cryptocurrency, connecting investors to in-person volunteer opportunities with them, and setting them up to be able to receive residual income through their own AquaGoat crypto wallets for years to come.

In addition to their community’s kind donations, AquaGoat has adopted a coral reef through the planting of 10 coral seedlings in the Bahamian Reef with the help of Coral Vita, an organization that spreads awareness towards the importance of coral reefs while investing in growing diverse climate resilient coral, as well as two dolphins from the Ocean Conservation Society, a group designed to conduct scientific research for ocean preservation. Between their charitable donations and their adoptions, AquaGoat also intends to spread awareness of the ongoing issue of climate change and how it affects our oceans, as well as the intricacies of…

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