Sarson Funds Embraces Transparency and Governance as Investor Eyes Open to Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrency 101: Digital Asset Investor Guide from Sarson Funds

Arming financial advisors and investors with transparency and regulatory assurances is the key to widespread cryptocurrency adoption. – John Sarson

While this week’s Boston Blockchain Week made the Hub a hashtag beacon for blockchain and cryptocurrency thought leadership, Boston-rooted cryptocurrency investment manager Sarson Funds continued its drive to deliver cryptocurrency to Main Street investors with the release of a new series of cryptocurrency educational resources, including Cryptocurrency 101, the Digital Asset Investor Guide.

Led by Wall Street veteran turned digital asset investor, John Sarson, Sarson Funds leverages its team’s Wall Street expertise to run multiple cryptocurrency investment funds that share a common theme: an emphasis on investment transparency. An important element of this transparency and accessibility around cryptocurrency and blockchain technology is education for both investors and financial professionals.

The Digital Asset Investor Guide gives a broad overview of digital assets for the crypto-curious with a focus on blockchain concepts and types of digital assets. The Digital Asset Investor Guide compliments a growing series of cryptocurrency investment videos and digital asset investor resources as Sarson Funds looks to bridge the knowledge gap that exists between investment professionals and crypto enthusiasts.

Visitors to can download the Digital Asset Investor Guide free, as well as view the Blockchain Insider Report, a weekly discussion and analysis from digital asset traders and professionals around recent trends and news in the industry. The entire suite of educational materials created by Sarson Funds…

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