Samantha Radocchia: Bitcoin Pizza Book Author & Blockchain Pharma Pioneer

Samantha Radocchia (Sam Rad) is the author of the book “Bitcoin Pizza”. Her recent project, Mediledger focuses on blockchain pharma supply chain.

As a blockchain pioneer and advocate who combines the mindsets of an anthropologist and a technologist. She’s led corporate trainings at Fortune 100 companies, governments, and the United Nations, educating leaders on the technologies and cultural shifts that will shape their organizations–and daily lives–in the decades to come. Sam is a contributor to Forbes and was named to their 30 Under 30 List in 2017.

A three-time entrepreneur, Sam holds several patents and is a cofounder of Chronicled, an enterprise blockchain company focused on Driving the future of enterprise supply chains and blockchain pharma supply chain.

Her MediLedger Project was started in 2017 to bring together leading Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and Distributors to explore blockchain technology to meet track and trace regulations, and to provide a step function improvement in the overall operation of the supply chain.

In this Invest Diva’s episode of Diva on the Block, Kiana Danial and Samantha Radoccia chatted about the following topics, including her book, Bitcoin Pizza.

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