Russian Ministry Adds Waves Enterprise Blockchain Platform to Official Registry

The Russian Ministry of Communications has added Waves Enterprise to the Unified Register of Russian Software for Computers and Databases.

Documents published by the Russian Ministry of Communications on April 7 reveal that Waves Enterprise was added to the list and described as a “cloud-based distributed ledger service and service for virtualization and storage of data.” The list is meant to ensure high information security standards for authorities by suggesting information technology products for use in Russian government bodies.

Waves Enterprise head of marketing Matvey Voytov told Cointelegraph that – in order to be added to the registry — Waves Enterprise had to provide relevant compliance documentation to the authorities.

The documents proved that the software does not contain any proprietary modules that were developed by or belong to foreign firms, does not include trade secrets, and belongs to a Russian company.

No effect on WAVES token price

Waves Enterprise head of marketing Matvey Voytov explained to Cointelegraph that it is a separate entity from Waves, and that it has a different token, the Waves Enterprise System Token (WEST).  As such, he expects this addition to have no effect on the price of the WAVES token.

Voytov said that Waves Enterprise is an enterprise-grade blockchain platform with a good market share in the Russian enterprise blockchain market. He said that the inclusion of the software in the official registry has major implications for the firm:

“The inclusion in the Federal registry of Russian software opens additional opportunities for getting into local government and public organization projects. […] [Solutions based] on the Waves Enterprise platform will receive priority in procurement for governmental and municipal projects. In this way, the company can expand its presence in the public sector.”

Waves Enterprise is confident the Russian government will use its tech

Voytov said that Waves Enterprise is already certain…

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