RSK Parent Company IOV Labs Launches Enterprise Blockchain Solution

IOV Labs, the company behind Bitcoin-powered smart contract platform RSK and RIF, has announced a new ecosystem pitched at enterprises and governments. Extrimian, a joint venture with enterprise software firm Grupo Sabra, has set itself the goal of enabling businesses and government agencies to interact with the blockchain and thereby promote wider adoption.

It’s the latest shot across the bows by IOV Labs, who is building out a comprehensive technology stack to rival enterprise giants like Hyperledger, Corda and Quorum.

“Extrimian gives businesses exposure to the benefits of blockchain technology without the complexity,” said Diego Gutiérrez Zaldívar, CEO and co-founder IOV Labs. “It enables them to go to market quickly with a native application while tapping into the many benefits that DLT has to offer.”

A Fruitful Partnership

Extrimian’s solution, an ecosystem known as RSK Enterprise Cloud, will enable clients to build value networks by creating their own decentralized applications (dApps). It’ll also allow them to configure a technological stack needed to connect their enterprise to decentralized networks and to easily deploy consortium networks.

Grupo Sabra, for its part, brings a wealth of expertise to the table: the Argentine firm has been integrating traditional technology components with blockchain platforms since 2009, working with clients such as Gasnor, Microsoft and LG.

IOV Labs and Grupo Sabra have had a fruitful partnership to date. Prior to creating Extrimian, the companies launched a Gasnet blockchain network for Argentina’s natural gas distribution system. They also collaborated on a blockchain-based interbank messaging system for clients such as Argentina’s Central Bank and the stock exchange BYMA, and developed a ‘green’ ride-sharing program in tandem with the California Energy Commission.

The latter venture, EVShare, relies upon the RSK blockchain to achieve renewable energy targets in…

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