Roger Ver Ambushes BTC Proponents at Event, Demands Answers

Roger Ver Ambushes BTC Proponents at Event, Demands Answers

Roger Ver has posted a video of a somewhat hostile surprise debate with several BTC proponents. Ver, well known as a vocal proponent of bitcoin cash (BCH), is regarded by some people as “Bitcoin Jesus” — but to others he is considered one of the most disliked individuals in cryptocurrency today. So join us as we go over what happened in the impromptu “debate”, and what sorts of insights we can glean from it.

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Not Quite Live from the Huobi Event in South Korea

Ver, who attended the Huobi Carnival event in South Korea this week, charged after two Bitcoin Core proponents armed with cameras and portable microphones. Ver’s goal appeared to be to get some answers from the duo regarding a few issues that are sore points between the two sides of the argument.

Insisting that his interview was not an attempt to trap the two, Ver began with a volley of questions. First, Ver discussed what he called a censorship issue within the Bitcoin (BTC) community on Reddit.

Specifically, he claimed that the subreddit r/Bitcoin gets more traffic than any other Bitcoin news source or forum combined. Not only that, but he alleges that the moderators of the subreddit frequently delete or censor posts that are pro-bitcoin cash, or that aren’t “in lockstep with the opinion of Bitcoin Core supporters”.

The Battle of the Subreddits

To this, one of the interviewees, that later identified themselves only as Reuben, responded by saying this does not represent censorship. While he did state that the “bitcoin cash opinion conflicts with that of people that are in favor of Bitcoin Core development mentality”, he felt that the ease by which information about BCH can be found is evidence that…

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