Ripple(XRP)/ Litecoin (LTC)/ Ethereum (ETH) Fall On Their Knees; Indications Of Recovery Seems Promising

Ripple (XRP)/ USD Price Analysis:

Ripple Price Chart

Ripple (XRP) is one amongst the top-ranked cryptocurrencies in the crypto market. The market cap of the coin is marked as $13,084,090,344 at 11:13 UTC. The coin is one of the strongest tokens in the market. The momentum of the coin is tremendous, and hence we are quite positive that it would come off the price drop soon.

The week-long chart is pointing towards a downtrend in the coin. On 3rd August, the coin marked an escalation of 1.47%. The price counters switched from $0.311 to $0.315. On 4th August, the escalation continued, and the change in price was from $0.315 to $0.319 by 1.38%. On 5th, the coin took another jump from $0.319 to $0.322. This time the uptrend was of 0.45%.

However, XRP started trembling from 6th August as it slipped from $0.322 to $0.312 by 3.07%. On 7th August, the coin dropped from $0.312 to $0.310 by 0.35%. On 8th August, the regression continued. The coin slipped by 0.54% from $0.310 to $0.309. Today, the coin changed the price counters from $0.309 to $0.299.

The future prospect holds high hope of improvement. The long-term investment plan is recommended for the coin.

Litecoin (LTC)/ USD Price Analysis:

Litecoin Price Chart
Litecoin Price Chart

Litecoin (LTC) was trading at $86 at 10:36 UTC. The market cap of the coin is at $5,602,665,425. The coin has shown great potential in the ongoing month. We are expecting a speedy recovery from the coin.

The chart is reflecting a regression in the coin. The week started with the coin trading around $94.3. The coin kept it almost the same as the closing price was $94.4. Day 2, the coin again remained the same. The price changed from $94.4 to $94.5. Day 3, the coin escalated from $94.5 to $96. Day 4, the coin slipped from $96 to $92 by 3.26%. Day 5, the downtrend continued, and the price switched from $92 to $90. The regression was of 2.74%. Day 6, the coin switched from $90.3 to $90.4. The coin kept it same but today the coin slipped from $90.4 to $86.0.

Litecoin (LTC) is a…

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