Revolutionary Crypto Trading Bot or Scam?

Bitcoin Evolution is a crypto trading app that claims to use algorithms to generate profits.

Like other crypto trading bots, Bitcoin Evolution claims to make smart trades on your behalf, delivering steady profit to your portfolio with minimal risk. The system has been advertised online with claims of making “guaranteed $10,000 a week”.

Bitcoin Evolution appeared online in January 2020. According to a promotional video, Bitcoin Evolution is currently in its beta test. A limited number of users have been invited to that beta test.

Let’s review Bitcoin Evolution to see if the trending auto cryptocurrency trading bot is all that it is praised to be or find out if Bitcoin Evolution is a scam. This overview on the popular bitcoin trading bot will answer the following questions about helping you earn bitcoin online:

  • Is Bitcoin Evolution legit?
  • How does Bitcoin Evolution work?
  • Should you buy Bitcoin Evolution?
  • How much does Bitcoin Evolution cost?

Find out everything you need to know about Bitcoin Evolution today in our review.

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What is Bitcoin Evolution?

Bitcoin Evolution is a crypto robot trading app that claims to use algorithmic trading technology to take advantage of the volatility of crypto markets.

You give the Bitcoin Evolution trading bot money, and the robot makes intelligent trades on your behalf to generate profits automatically.

Like other crypto trading bots, there’s limited maintenance required after signup. You don’t need to do anything except monitor the performance of the bot.

Who’s Behind Bitcoin Evolution?

The January 2020 promotional video features a man named Mark Weston, who claims to be the CEO of Bitcoin Evolution.

Weston got the idea for Bitcoin Evolution when he was working a 9-5 office job at a multinational software corporation. One of his colleagues was an early bitcoin investor who made a fortune. Weston was frustrated that he missed the opportunity with bitcoin,…

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