Revamping the Traditional PPV TV Subscription Model With Blockchain

For the past few months, the modern world has witnessed TV providers battle it out for the exclusive streaming rights for consumer-favorite shows such as Seinfeld, Friends, The Big Bang Theory, The Office and South Park.

On Nov. 12, Disney took the industry by storm with the release of its Disney+ streaming platform, which attracted over 10 million subscribers within 24 hours. This has called into question the continued viability of other streaming platforms, such as Netflix, who recently announced its partnership with Nickelodeon in an effort to compete with Disney+. The new streaming service has forced competitors and programming distributors to come up with new advancements, fast.

Yet, out of all the excitement, there has been one aspect of programming that has been overlooked almost entirely — the pay-per-view technology. Yes, that old model where one has to spend $10 to watch a movie that isn’t out yet on DVD or Netflix.

While Disney has very little to do with blockchain technology and digital currencies (to our knowledge), industry leaders such as Salesforce co-founder and CNET founder Halsey Minor believes he has found a way to decentralize the traditional PPV model, bringing it into the homes of over 60 million Americans and into the hands of over 200 North American TV service providers before other media giants get the opportunity.

Why so serious?

Beyond the success of both CNET and Salesforce, Minor also had his voice and hands in the technologies behind Google Voice, OpenDNS, and NBCi. Minor’s media company, Live Planet, wants to implement the VideoCoin Network on the Blockchain for real-world cases, beginning with the decentralization of PPV. In June, Hanno Basse, the former chief technology officer at 20th Century Fox Film Corporation, joined Live Planet as its president of the Decentralized Media Solutions division.

As reported by Cointelegraph, Live Planet announced its plans back in August to imminently launch a blockchain-based virtual reality…

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