Report: Nvidia Making 5nm Mystery Chip as AMD Ramps Production

Forget about 7nm; that’s so 2019 or perhaps 2020. Nvidia is reportedly planning to use TSMC’s new 5nm process node, but not for its next-gen Ampere GPUs. Nvidia and AMD are both ramping up TSMC orders for old and new products alike, enough to significantly boost the Taiwanese supplier’s profits and counteract coronavirus-related headwinds, according to new information from Digitimes

Digitimes reported earlier today that “industry sources” informed the Taiwanese outlet that upcoming short lead-time orders will allow TSMC to post strong results for the first half of 2020, even as competitors struggle with fallout from the global pandemic. These sources credit the profit surge to Nvidia’s upcoming Ampere GPU release, as well as increased game industry and work-from-home demand for AMD’s Ryzen and Epyc processors as Sony and Microsoft respectively gear up for the PS5 and Xbox Series X releases later this year.

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