Renowned Finance Youtuber Andrei Jikh Invests Over $100K Into Cryptocurrencies

The popular Youtuber Andrei Jikh published a video this week to his 978,000 Youtube subscribers explaining that he invested over $100,000 into crypto assets. Jikh details why he spent the funds on digital assets and he plans to share his investment experience in another video.

Andrei Jikh is a popular Youtuber with close to a million subscribers to-date, and his channel concentrates on personal finance, the stock market, and investing. Usually, his videos cover traditional investment assets like stocks, but during his latest video published on November 20, he discussed an entirely different investment vehicle. Jikh invested over $100k in BTC and ETH and he explains how he thinks his investment will do in 12 months.

Right away, Jikh details that he purchased 7.5 BTC ($130,195) and 120 ETH ($63,044) and in his video the market prices are much different than they are today. After explaining the number of bitcoin and ethereum he purchased, Jikh said he left $10,000 in his Gemini account in order to dollar-cost average the rest of the funds every day. Jikh then goes on to describe the meaning of what a cryptocurrency is to his 978,000 Youtube subscribers.

Renowned Finance Youtuber Andrei Jikh Invests Over $100K Into Cryptocurrencies
Since Andrei Jikh made his initial investment his portfolio of BTC and ETH has dropped in value due to the November 26, 2020, crypto-economy price dump. Crypto assets like BTC have dropped in value on November 26 for the past three years in a row.

“At the time of making this video this investment is sitting at roughly $200,000,” Jikh said during the video. “It’s made up of 7.5 BTC, and about 120 ETH. In addition to that, I have roughly $10,000 in my Gemini account where I have set for it to invest that money at $2,000 a day.”

Jikh further added:

There is a max 21 million supply of BTC and in the US there is around 112 trillion dollars in terms of household wealth. If we assume 1% of the US population is interested in investing, that’s around 1.2 trillion dollars. If we…

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