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Transcript of RealVision‘s interview with Bitcoin Legend Dan Morehead of Pantera on comprehensive conversation between money managers about the most critical aspects of the crypto trade.

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DAN MOREHEAD: Yeah, so I think the reason I’m excited about Bitcoin is when you have a disruptive technology, they call it a category killer. Bitcoin‘s a serial killer. It’s going to go through 40 or 50 different industries, well storage, cross border money movement, property titles, voting rights, identity. Those are all the biggest use cases on earth.

DAN TAPIERO: Good afternoon, everybody. I’m Dan Tapiero of DTAP Capital, GBI, Gold Bullion International. Today, I’m happy to be here with an old friend, one of the few guys with a strong macro background who is in the Bitcoin world, Dan Morehead, and I have to say we’ve known each other probably 20 years, so this might be a little lighthearted chat as well. Now, Dan was the first traditional macro fund manager to identify the Bitcoin opportunity.

Just so the audience understands, what that means is that the macro world that we’re in is filled with some of the greatest investors of all time, George Soros, Julian Robertson, who we both worked for and Dan was the sole manager in this space to identify it and execute on it in that world. Of course, others followed. Some of our contemporaries as well. I…

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