Reddit’s crypto rewards, Ripple & BoA, Blockchain boozes it up in China

In this issue

  1. Reddit rewards frequent posters with crypto coins
  2. Ripple’s engagement rumors with Bank of America
  3. Law firms slap crypto exchanges in 16 countries with class-action lawsuits
  4. In China: Blockchain liquor, and Canaan’s perfect storm
  5. Funding for fintech startups in Hong Kong, Vietnam and India

From the Editor’s Desk

Like all too many around the world, we at Forkast are facing challenges particular to these Covid times. But our singular focus is to press forward and thrive. Because we presume we will survive, we don’t worry about our survival. Instead, we are focused on our future — the world’s future — and why emerging technologies is one of the most important and critical stories of our age.

The world is changing rapidly and will never be the same again. We are witnessing technology applications to monitor the individual, track our every move and dictate where we can or cannot go, for our communal benefit and survival. This is undoubtedly going to save lives.

Right now, we’re all comfortable with that — or are we? Because memories of what was normal existence are still fresh, many presume these surveillance and anti-assembly measures are temporary. The danger is if we forget to go back. But we can never go fully back, and so now technology must be measured by what’s best for us. Here at Forkast, we believe that information, knowledge and analysis provide these tools of balance. Right now, the power is still in our individual hands. But will knowledge continue to empower us to use technology as a tool for good and not for us to become tools for technology? That’s the fight to come. The future will be decided and defined by those who understand the change that is to come.

To help you stay at the forefront of this rapidly changing world, we bring you our new website, More than a different look, it embodies Forkast’s new editorial vision and mission for these times.

You’ll notice the tiny little word, “beta,” which…

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