RealT Completes Largest Property Sale on Ethereum

RealT, the tokenized real estate investment platform, has officially completed the sale of the highest valued tokenized property on Ethereum.

The Detroit-based property is a massive 15 unit, 14,400 square feet apartment complex selling for $615,000. In total, the tokenized property is owned by 270 unique individuals with the average owner holding 14 shares out of the total 3,800.

The 16200 Fullerton property is currently paying out $215 in rental income per day to tokenholders, or $0.056 per token. With that, the expected annualized return on the apartment complex currently sits at around 12.76%.

The property owners comprise of a diverse group of individuals, living in a total of 35 different countries across the world.

  • France – 25.8%
  • Germany – 19%
  • Ireland – 10.5%
  • Switzerland – 4.9%
  • Bulgaria – 3.15%
  • Turkey – 1.8%
  • Singapore – 0.15%

While US regulations currently bar unaccredited investors from participating in RealT’s investment platform, it is interesting to see that the United States (where the property is located) didn’t make it as a country within the property owners list.

More Liquidity 

The sale of the Fullerton property follows the recent launch of the Uniswap Liquidity Incentive Program for the 9336 Patton property. Since the launch of the liquidity program, the Patton property has established itself as the most liquid of all RealT properties offered on Unsiwap.

With their announcement of the sale of 16200 Fullerton, RealT is also announcing another Uniswap Liquidity Program for the 10024-28 Appoline property – a $582,200, 12,000 sq-feet multi-family property. The tokens currently offer $17.21 per annum per token, boasting a 11.82% annualized return on the property.

Key Takeaways

RealT is continuing to…

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