censorship! 🤬 : btc

Well, now that I’ve got your attention, I want to talk with you about something serious.

Something that we’ve been expecting from day one opening happened. We’ve had to hide an article from the main page and the topic pages.

The article is (in our subjective opinion) an insulting piece of content to some people. And I, as the one who removed it, wanted to show it to you, including our whole discussion with its author.

We at want to be clear from day one that “We strive to build a place with great content to read and watch, where authors can be compensated by their readers, not the place with never-ending fights or spam” This is written in the “About” page from day one.

Unfortunately, it also means having to moderate discussions, something that some people refer to as “censorship”.

We don’t hide this fact. We are ok with discussions.

Want to discuss why Bitcoin SV made some bad choices and how it would never amount to anything – avoid name-calling and trash-talking and be our guest – aboslutely OK.

Do you want to criticize Bitcoin Cash because you believe that 32 MB blocks are too big and Raspberry Pis should be the miners? Be polite and you’re welcome to explain yourself.

Do you want to call people “cuckolds”, “bcashers” or “coretards”? Please leave, the content is going to be removed.

Anyway, we’re not forcing people to love, it is, what it is. We want to make sure that authors that write great content – get compensated well by their fans.

Do you want endless flame wars? There’s Twitter, and other sites that are more appropriate.

You are all grown ups and free to make your own mind about whether is suitable for you or not, we’re making our policy clear.

Feel free to read this post in full and we encourage @kos (don’t know the Reddit username) to join the discussion. He(she?) feels it’s “haha funny article m’dude”, we feel it crosses the like of being “hate-filled” (subjective term, but we stand by it).

Here’s the article with…

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