RAFARMA Adds Blockchain Tech to Cannabis Distribution

Ljubljana, Slovenia, June 19, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Rafarma Pharmaceuticals Inc (RAFA), a Wyoming Corporation, is pleased to announce an agreement with Aetsoft LLC. Aetsoft is one of the leading developers of blockchain software in the world (https://www.aetsoft.by/en/). Under the agreement Aetsoft provides Rafarma with exclusive rights to proprietary cannabis control software based on state of the art blockchain technology. All the rights to the developed software solutions transfer to Rafarma. Together with Aetsoft, Rafarma plans to implement the use of blockchain technologies for its own proprietary cannabis control software and will license the software for other cannabis producers & regulators around the world.

“The cannabis industry has traditionally been fragmented, untrustworthy, and often illicit, but is now moving towards greater legitimacy. New research shows the powerful health benefits of cannabis and its derivatives, and strong social movements are pushing for increased legalization. One way to improve the reputation of the industry is to modernize it, standardize it, and make it fully verifiable–built on a system of trust between patients, doctors, growers, and suppliers. Blockchain technology offers an ideal solution. Since blockchain creates an immutable ledger and assured contracts, it can easily accommodate the recording and storing of all product life cycle events, verify patient identification, assure payments, and more. We at Rafarma will be one of the industry leaders in this modernization”, commented Rafarma CEO Srečo Bojt.

More detailed information on the software and the technologies used will be available on Rafarma website soon.

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