‘Race for Glory’ Set to Deliver Epic Prizes

The Phemex Trader’s Arena is set to return and the spotlight is centered on the new competition called “Race for Glory”.

Phemex is known as one the fastest cryptocurrency exchanges in the industry and offers loads of trading tools. The team behind Phemex puts on the hottest competitive events for its community.

After the last two successful competitions, a new contest is here and the prize pool this time is up to $750,000.

Timeline for Phemex and the Race for Glory

Entries for the Phemex Arena Trader contest will start on June 7. Those crypto trading enthusiasts who would like to participate can register as a team leader until June 20 and start forming their team or join another team to get a chance of winning the prize.

The trading competition will run from June 21 to July 4. After the contest is finished, the host will then work on the leaderboard to announce the winning teams and rewards will be distributed on July 12.

Requirements and Basic Rules

Like the previous two competitions, participants need a BTC Trading Account with a net value of at least 0.005 BTC, including existing crypto balance as well as unrealized PnL at the time of registration.

After getting through the registration process, a participant will have to form their own team or become part of another team.

The minimum team size to enter the competition is 10 members and those who are not joining any team or have a smaller team size will be randomly assigned to different teams before the game begins.

Each team will have a Captain – the person who builds the team. Team captains will be eligible for additional benefits based on their team’s performance.

For the first time, Phemex has created a new reward incentive for team captains as follows:

Team MembersRewards for Captain

If a team consists of less than 40 people, the rankings are determined instead on the average ROI of the top 10 traders. The individual rankings are also awarded to all…

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